Soul2Soul Music Vibe Video Spotlight: B-Doe – “Tell It”

jess March 3, 2015 0

“Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, B-doe (government name: Brandon Thomas) is already known for his talented rhymes and unassuming demeanor. An artist who started creating his own hip hop music at the young age of 10, B-doe has a dream to bring hip hop back to how it used to be; hip hop with content, substance, and dope lyricism. Now 25 years old, B-doe’s passion has not changed and he wishes things in his home state would change. You are probably wondering where he got his name. He says “In Baltimore we’re used to murders on the news” and a common response of resignation to the repeated crime is saying “that’s how it be though.” Local articulation of the last two quoted words is phonetically “b-doe,” hence how Brandon acquired his stage name. To him, it displays mankind’s lack of sensitivity to murder and violence. What this young artist is voicing is a rallying cry to increase awareness of it, reject it, and create some of the best music people have heard in a long time. It is sure that he will spend the rest of his time in the music industry doing just that.”


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