Soul2Soul Music Vibe Spotlight: Rap Duo Twin Citi

jess September 22, 2016 0


When two powerful Hip-hop forces combine the outcome transcends mythical proportions. Rap duo Twin Citi are in a class of their own. Twin Citi possess the essential elements that make up a great rap duo, which include quality production, poignant lyrics, and unique personalities. They have uncanny Chemistry. In fact, Twin Citi are twin Brothers from Chicago by the names of Pauly and Riply. They are masters of ceremony. Their music contains hard beats, and hooks that will stay stuck in your head for days! Twin Citi’s songs incorporate an element of realism and rawness that is authentic and seldom seen on today’s musical landscape.

Their unique selling proposition is that they’re not afraid to be themselves and they incorporate many of their life’s experiences into their music. They are intriguing in their ability to connect with the listener. Twin Citi are one of the most compelling and dynamic Hip-hop groups creating music today. Their intense energy and undeniable flair capture their listeners. At a time when there is a blur between creativity and mediocrity, Rapper renegades Twin Citi are redefining Hip Hop with authenticity.

The breakout Rap duo has rolled out a critically acclaimed mixtape called “Raising The Crime Rate.” It’s enjoyable from beginning to end. The music on the project is dark, raw, intense and personal. However, they have songs that can rock a club as well. The Chicago natives use their lyrics to vividly bring stories of their hometown’s crime infested streets to life. However, instead of only focusing on the negative, they also paint a picture of pride and dignity. Twin Citi are beacons of hope for many in Chicago and they carry their city on their back.

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