New Single From Shae Brock Highlights Her Unique Sound

jess December 5, 2016 0


LOS ANGELES, CA – Shae Brock found herself in a dream scenario on the set of her latest music video for the new single “Into You.”

She moved to Los Angeles a few years ago not only to pursue music, but also to be closer to the ocean – a place she loves more than almost anything else. And the setting for her new music video just happened to be on one of the most gorgeous beaches in all of California – El Matador. It was chosen for the shoot because of how the sun sets over the ocean. And to top it off, Shae was going to perform in scenes alongside a male model that she describes as “a baby Leonardo Dicaprio.”

“It was amazing,” she said. “We brought him to the set and I said, ‘You’re going to be my boyfriend.’ We had so much fun together. We got to use a vintage car; we were in Malibu surrounded by good people; it was a great sunset … it was probably one of the best video shoots I’ve ever done.”

The end result is a music video from acclaimed director James Davis that is already starting to make waves in the music industry. The single is the latest from Brock, who said she’s working toward releasing an EP in early 2017 and “Into You” is the latest single off that EP. She’s currently in the studio working on more songs for the EP, and can’t wait for her fans to see what she’s got in store for them next year.

“Into You” is a single that – like many of her songs – began on the acoustic guitar. She describes it as a “feel-good, reggae-tone, band song.”

“It’s about the butterflies you get when you like somebody,” Brock said of the lyrics. “A friend of mine who I co-write with had the guitar line and brought it to me and I decided to start rapping over it. That’s how I got the B section, and we kind of wrote the lyrics from there.”

Brock said she grew up playing piano and didn’t start learning to play guitar until age 12. She fell head-over-heels in love with the instrument when she stumbled upon her grandfather’s old guitar. After her mom re-strung the guitar for her, she practiced on it every day.

“Basically I played until my fingers bled every night,” she said. “What started with a bunch of chords became something that I just couldn’t put down. I love the piano, and I still go to it from time-to-time, but I love my guitar. It is definitely my best friend. His name is Hercules.”

Fans who are eager to hear more of Brock’s music can do so by visiting her Soundcloud page, or checking out her videos on YouTube. Fans can also visit for updates about music releases and live shows. Currently she’s performing regularly in various locations around Los Angeles, but she’s working toward booking a tour in the summer of 2017. For more information about that, follow her on Facebook at ShaeBrockMusic; and on Twittter, Instagram and Snapchat @shaebrockmusic.

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