Soul2Soul Music Vibe: PB Hassan’s “Birthday Bash”

jess March 31, 2017 0


LOS ANGELES, CA – You’ve never met a musician quite like PB Hassan. For starters, his list of musical accomplishments is a mile long; from working with Dr. Dre to opening for Notorious B.I.G, his resume is impressive, to say the least. His love affair with music began at a young age, as he recalls listening to music as a child, growing up in Camden, NJ by way of Los Angeles, which has a flourishing rap culture. “I’d see people breakdancing, the DJ with his turn tables, rap battles. Eventually I started writing my own rhymes,” he explains, noting that his talent was met with enthusiastic response, “I heard the “oohs” and “aahs, people embracing my craft. They liked what I had to say, and so I grew with that.” Influenced by the music industry’s greatest artists and entrepeneurs, from Kanye West, Jay Z, and Russel Simmons to Donnie Hathaway, Michael Jackson, even Facebook exec Mark Zuckerberg. PB Hassan’s greatest inspiration is passion – the love of music excites him. And, he points out, he’s not afraid of innovation. “Authentic. Charismatic. Soulful. Exuberant.” PB Hassan’s music is so many things, because like a true Rennaissance man, he isn’t afraid to tackle his music from a different perspective or to try something new.

All of PB Hassan’s many successes call for a celebration, and that’s exactly what he aims to do with his newest single, “Birthday Bash.” The song, which was recently released on all digital platforms, is hip-hop’s birthday anthem. The perfect song for turning up with friends at the club or to sing to in the car, the song is something everyone can enjoy. Produced by The Legion (whose resume touts collaborations with industry favorites such as Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar and French Montana), the song is being met with excitement. Fans have responded to the song by sending pictures and videos of themselves at birthday parties dancing to the song. A welcome reprieve from working with other artists, PB Hassan is eager and excited to be taking the stage as a solo artist and making a name for himself amongst hip hop’s best. The single is a teaser for the artist’s upcoming mixtape, At The End of the Day, which is set to release later this year.

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