Southeast Georgia Native Play J Snip to Release Brand New EP

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Play J Snip (Jason Martin) grew up in Southeast Georgia, where his love for hip-hop began at such a young age. Growing up, he would dabble into rapping with his friend, in which they later started their own rap group. While he mainly came up with his own rhymes for fun, people who heard his sound always told him he would make it big one day. Through listening to his favorite musical inspirations such as Master P and Tupac, at age 17 Play J Snip started getting serious about his future as a hip-hop artist, as his motive was centered around his message he wanted to deliver to the world.

Play J Snip started connecting himself with local rappers during studio sessions. He had his own “crew” outside of the studio, in which he would meet up with rappers he wanted to feature on his own songs and take them into studio sessions. When iTunes began to be at the forefront of distributing music, Play J Snip put out his first album, “Got Stories to Tell”. In 2005, his unique sound caught the ears of a major label in Italy, which is when he realized the impact and importance of promoting his music. After his albums were released worldwide, Play J Snip continued to delve deeper into the production of his music, as the quality has always been of utmost importance to him. He continued to write his own music and collaborating with other producers on beats while heading up the creative process around releasing his singles.

As he kept the momentum going with perfecting his musical craft by writing and releasing his own singles, Play J Snip started his own DJ service. No stranger to making quality music, Play J Snip would showcase his DJ skills while also performing his own music in between sets. From there, he began to build his fanbase, as people really enjoyed what they were hearing. Play J Snip attended several local open mic nights, where he would perform for large crowds.

In 2008, he performed at the Averitt Center for the Arts in Statesboro. As of recent, Play J Snip has dedicated his focus to making sure his sound is perfected at radio-ready quality. Soon he will be releasing a brand new EP titled “The Chronicles of King Snip”, which his fans are greatly anticipating. Play J Snip is a one-of-a-kind artist, and truly allows himself to flourish in his career without limits. In the future, Play J Snip desires for his music to keep building a solid foundation, while also venturing out with his skills in other business such as documentary and film production. Make sure to listen to his single “Whatcha Gonna Be” below, and follow on his social media here:

Twitter: @playjsnip
Facebook: playjsnip
Youtube: playjsnip
Instagram: @playjsnip

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