Dlush uses fusion of diverse cultures to launch her path toward international superstardom

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LONDON, U.K. – Dlush is one of the hottest young musicians hitting the global music market head on, and she’s well on her way to becoming an international superstar.

The half-Indian, half African-Caribbean artist who hails from London, England, has been making music since she was a young child. Growing up she was always into drama and acting, though her father influenced her toward music. By her teenage years those things all came together and manifested into a unique sound and style of musician that one Def Jam executive called “the second coming of Michael Jackson.”

In recent years, Dlush has been leaving her stamp throughout Asia and expanding into the U.S. She’s currently signed to a sub-publishing deal with Japan’s music giant Avex Music Group, and just last year signed a one-year licensing deal with Samsung Worldwide to use her music for the Gear VR commercial. She also embarked on a five-week solo tour of China in 2016, performing live on Chinese national TV shows to an enormous 100 million viewers.

This year she’s working on releasing new music, including a new single called “Poppin” that’s scheduled to drop before the end of June, and an album called “Party People” that should be released before the end of the year.

“Poppin” is what her manager describes as a “Japanese fusion of hip-hop and pop.” Written and produced by Dlush, it’s a song that features both her unique vocals and inspired raps, while also capturing the energy and passion that makes her such an amazing live performer. Like much of her music, this song embodies the fusion of different genres into one song. A music video for the song has already been released on her YouTube channel, and also highlights her abilities is a self-taught dancer.

“Party People” will continue that pop/hip-hop/Asian fusion with 10 new original songs and a few remixes of some of her older originals.

“Because she listens to a whole range of music and sound, she tries to fuse as much of the music culture that she’s exposed to within her music,” said her manager Tony Shocash. “She travels a lot. She’s toured India, Austrailia and Asia – and she’s captured elements of each culture in order to represent it and bring it into her own sound. She’s trying to avoid sounding like what you normally hear on the radio. She’s not trying to conform, but to be unique in her own way and pave her own path.”

All of her new music is being released under the Rockz Inc. Records label. To listen to her music, or to follow her on social media, please visit the following links:

Twitter: @dlushmusic
Instagram: @dlushmusic  
Facebook: @dlushmusic  
Website:  www.dlushmusic.com
Soundcloud: Poppin/Sore O Poppu 

For booking information, contact her manager Tony Shocash at:

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