Boston-based musician Gordo is a diamond in the rough

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BOSTON, MA – From the moment he was born, Jeffery Sanon was destined to become notorious. Born in Brooklyn, New York but raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Sanon was always surrounded by music. He had cousins who were DJs, and he remembers numerous times when he would go to one of their reggae parties and film them on his phone and then come back home and watch them. His father was also a band manager for one of the biggest Haitian bands on the East coast, and so he was surrounded by music.

It wasn’t long before he started dabbling with his own version of music. While trying to find his voice, he would do whatever he could to make an extra buck – including getting into street fights. Because of his size and fighting style, a friend one day began to refer to him as Gordo, and the name stuck.

Today Gordo is one of the fastest-rising young talents in the Northeast. He has performed at landmark venues along the East coast, such as Middle East and Spring Theatre in Boston, Club Lust, Club Lova, PaperBox in Brooklyn and Miami’s notorious Mansions Night Club. He has also opened for top artists such as Chief Keef, China Drugz, R.I.P., Nipsey, Hustle, Remy Ma, Joel Ortiz, Troy Ave, Bobby Shrumuda, Rowdy Rebel, French Montana, Reese, YSL Duke, Red Café, Aboogie with Da Hoodie, Future, UZI, T.W.O., USG, Young Thug and Zoey Dollars.

On May 12, he’s set to release a new single called “No Rush.” Like most of his music, it’s a reggae-infused, Caribbean trip, strip-club song with an upbeat vibe.

“It’s basically a song about going to a party and seeing a girl I really want, but I’m taking my time to get her,” Gordo said. “I’m being patient and taking my time and not rushing. It’s like a dance hall banger.”

The song also features one of Gordo’s most distinctive qualities: his lisp. It’s a vocal trait that immediately makes him stand out when people hear it, and he’s been riding that unique quality for many years as his career has advanced. He also studies other musicians – much as he’s done for all his life – and will learn what he can from the legends in R&B, Reggae and hip-hop. As a result, he feels like he’s a well-rounded musician who can offer fans a diverse range of sounds.

“I can rap, I can harmonize, I can write, I can freestyle,” He said. “I can make club music or party music, world music or love music, or even turn-up, gang-bang violent music. But at the end of the day it’s all about what I’ve been through and the lyrics talk about the day-to-day of my life. When people listen to my music I want to give them a feeling like they’re on Bali – to forget their situation and amplify however they’re feeling from the music. I want to give people the perspective of someone who is really from the streets and has dealt with all types of people and aspects of the street. I’m a musician and an artist who really is from the streets. I’m a Picasso who grew up in the wrong neighborhood. I’m a diamond in the rough.”

To listen to Gordo’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

Facebook: FatboyakaGordo
Twitter: @FatboyakaGordo
Instagram: @FatboyakaGordo
Soundcloud: No Rush
iTunes: No Rush

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