18-year-old music mogul clears $10 million on path to global domination

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brick god sosa

Jake P. Noch, better known as the rapper Brick God Sosa, is not satisfied.

That’s an unusual statement for an 18-year-old multi-millionaire. At such a young age, he has successfully put together one of the fastest-growing music labels in the country, Sosa Entertainment LLC. That alone would be high accolades for such a young entrepreneur, but add to that the fact that Sosa Entertainment is actually only one of 25 labels under the umbrella of Global Affiliates Music Group – of which he is the CEO and owner – and you begin to see how he is fast becoming a major force within the world of music.

His company cleared approximately $10 million last year, and Sosa Entertainment currently boasts 90 artists alone. He said Global Affiliates is working toward adding an additional 50 record labels worldwide by the end of the year, which means hundreds more artists globally.

But even as he takes stock of all that he has accomplished at such a young age, Brick God Sosa is not satisfied. He wants more. He wants respect and acknowledgement for being one of the innovators in today’s music scene. He wants notoriety on a global level. And of course, he wants more money.

“It’s all about the money,” said the young entrepreneur. “If there’s no money in it, there’s no point. Money is the motivator behind everything. The bulk of the numbers we’ve been able to do often surprises people. No one expected us to make this money this fast. In March alone we had 150 million streams of our music, and in April we had more than 105 million. But this is just the beginning. We’ll be launching a publishing branch very soon that will allow us to collect mechanical and publishing royalties for independent artists, as well as all of our labels. We are also opening digital distribution and marketing services for the public later this year.”

Not only is the move one he considers to be a savvy business decision, but also one that will benefit all of the artists he works with on a daily basis. He said with this new offering, artists will be able to go to one place and register and get a fair deal without getting taken advantage of. The company is in the midst of research publishing societies and collection processes, but ultimately Sosa said he can see big dividends paying off from the global market – ultimately increasing Global Affiliates’ market share value.

As he waits for those next pieces to fall into place with the business, he’s also been working on developing a new EP that will drop this summer. It’s a project he’s calling “Bricks & Sticks,” and it features his friend and business partner, Lil Dread FDG, as well as an up-and-coming Chicago-based rapper named Rico Recklezz.

“Dread was the vice president of my first record label and is now owner of Free Dope Gang Records,” Sosa said. “I’ve been working with Dread for years now, and working with him is just easy. I talk to him every day, and when we make music together he just has a great flow with everything. He’s very talented.”

Sosa said “Bricks & Sticks” is music that’s inspired by his everyday life. The six songs on the EP display his unique style of hip-hop and is yet another example of his creative genius – a genius which has him boasting as one of the richest young music moguls in the industry today.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” he said of his current success. “I definitely have a lot more now than when I started. But I’m not satisfied, by any means. I’m ready to beef up our catalog and continue to surprise people with what we’re capable of.”

To find out more about Global Affiliates Music Group, or to listen to Brick God Sosa’s music, please visit the following links:

Itunes: Yop Stickz
Facebook: sosaentllc

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