Young hip-hop artist highlights positive qualities of a new generation with new EP

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jordon ceasar


CHICAGO, IL – Jordan Caesar is a 20-year-old rapper from Chicago, Illinois who is on a mission to show the world that his generation cannot be pigeonholed into a specific sound or style. Coming from a city that is known for its unique “drill” sound, Jordan is a man apart and is forging his own path. And when people hear his music, he hopes that it helps to build respect for a rising generation of young and talented artists who are bringing change to a genre while still paying respects to the history of hip-hop.

“I want people to sit back and understand that there is a new generation of hip-hop and we’re not all rapping in this way that disrespects the culture of it,” he said. “There are some of us who are keeping it alive and pure, while also innovative. So don’t think that none of us have a voice. I definitely have a voice, and I want it to be heard through my music.”

His new EP, “If This Is How We End Things,” is a strong statement toward that end. It’s eight tracks detail a relationship he had, complete with intimate lyrics and a transparency that is rare in today’s hip-hop scene.

“It really details a relationship between me and a girl named Keprea,” he said. “That’s the center-piece of the whole project, but it spider-webs into other things – like religion and my rocky relationship with my father. But it all gets brought together under the umbrella of the relationship of me and Keprea.”

Jordan said the EP starts with a track that touches on the initial phases of a relationship – infatuation. He uses the song “Holy Communion” as a metaphor for realizing that this is not an ordinary type of love. Other lines within the first single are over-the-top and exaggerate the love he has for Keprea, such as “Me without she is Adam without Eve. A day without her suddenly feels like weeks.” This is followed up by track two, “Infected,” which he said is a catchy and addictive song.

The EP takes a dark turn as it descends into a spiral of self pity and depression. The last three songs – “Aquarius,” “The Line” and “Holdin’ On” – reveal a deep vulnerability that lets the listener into the mind of a man whose heart is broken.

But through all the songs, Jordan said he hopes people come to respect the fact that he brings a balance to all the various styles of hip-hop that are at his fingertips.

“I see both sides of the fence,” he said. “I’m not a fan of artists who always just do one thing. I wouldn’t want my favorite artist to always do something deeply personal. That would get annoying for me. I also wouldn’t want them to be so distant from their audience that I couldn’t connect with them at all. There should be a healthy balance between, and that’s what I try to do with my music. That’s what makes me stand out with my sound and style. Not only do I have a good mixture of both lyrical hip-hop and mainstream, catchy songs; but sonically my sound is different from my area and from almost anyone else out there right now.”

To listen to Jordan’s music, visit the following links:

SoundCloud: If This Is How We End Things
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