Dayton Based Hip-Hop Artist PLX to Release Second Mixtape this Summer

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Straight from Dayton, Ohio, Cam Simmons, also known as PLX, has had an affinity for music ever since he could remember. PLX has been a dedicated rapper for the majority of his life, and recently started placing a bigger focus on his career. The 19 year old began making his own music almost two years ago while he was still in college. At the age of 17, he produced and released his first mixtape titled “Intro to PLX I”. Since that release, he has remained committed to perfecting his musical craft and never settling for less.

As a child, PLX had a passion for the musical arts. At the time, he didn’t realize that his natural love for music would grow into a full-time career one day. PLX recalls how his friends were constantly making music, in which he adapted to this environment and incorporated into his daily life. “I remember I wrote a song one day, and I just kept going,” said the artist. He often recognizes the role music has played in his life, as he believes it has molded him into who he is present day. Major artists like Drake and J. Cole have played such an influential role in his life, and continue to inspire him in his musical career.

The hip-hop artist has also written songs for other female artists, as his talents have caught the attention of many. Over the past two years, he has performed at local open mic nights in Dayton as well as Kentucky. The artist always appreciates the event goers who have never listened to his music prior, because he values how they instantly vibe with PLX’s sound. This often differentiates him from other artists, as his sound and overall message can’t be duplicated since it is so unique. Listeners, far and wide, simply relate to his music, which is an aspect of PLX’s career that he enjoys so extensively.

As PLX continues to write his own music, he is looking forward to releasing his second mixtape later this summer. The mixtape, titled “Intro to PLX II”, will include works from his songwriting repertoire. Looking to the future five to ten years from now, PLX desires to continue growing in his musical career. He plans to have four mixtapes in his musical repertoire, in addition to two or three albums. Additionally, he plans to continue developing his self-produced music label “Rewind Music”. PLX enjoys connecting with existing and new fans, so make sure to follow him here:

Twitter: @plx_____
Instagram: @plx_____

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