Philadelphia Native and Rapper Dapper Doe to Release EP “3 AM Takeout” this July

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dapper doe


LOS ANGELES, CA –Straight from the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, Dapper Doe has been writing songs ever since he can remember. Growing up around other rap artists in Philadelphia, Dapper Doe knew he wanted to make a career out of his innate enjoyment of hip-hop and rap music. Throughout his career, he has always made connections with local, underground artists in addition to mainstream, as he deeply values the relationships he’s made along the way.

Later in Dapper Doe’s rap career, he signed to the record label “Straight Lace”, which in turn required him to move his life from Philadelphia to Las Vegas. After things didn’t go as planned, the artist returned to his hometown where he was managed by Sherm Byers of Rockstar Management, who currently manages Philly Freeway. During this time, Dapper Doe learned a lot that would later help him in his own business ventures.


Dapper Doe later decided to go his own route and manage himself through his own independent label “FSO Records”. Ever since he made this decision for his career, he has been truly successful. The artist has opened for mainstream rappers such as Chief Keef and PNB Rock, and continued to make a name for himself. Most recently, he crossed paths with Philadelphia- based artist Theodore Grams, after watching him for quite some time. The artist describes the pair as being from “two different worlds, but both do the same thing”.


After joining forces with Theodore Grams, who has produced songs for Chiddy Bang, the duo collaborated on a major project: their newest EP “3 AM Takeout”. Theodore Grams has extensive experience in producing music, as he has done for Detroit artist Danny Brown. After combining with Dapper Doe’s lyrical street rapper expertise, “3 AM Takeout” is set to be a major hit in the community. The two artists have already released popular single “Bag it Up”, which gained the attention of many and brought in over 10,000 downloads already.


The full EP “3 AM Takeout” will be released in early July, much to the artists’ fans anticipation. With Dapper Doe’s impressive musicality as a rapper and Theodore Gram’s hipster, melodic talent, the two artists are definitely on the brink of making it bigger than ever before.


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Dapper Doe’s Twitter:@dapperdoe
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Theodore Gram’s Twitter: @TheodoreGrams
Theodore Gram’s Instagram: @TheodoreGrams


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