Louisiana artists pair up to create hot new album ‘From The 3’

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – Numerology plays a strong role in the lives of hip-hop artists Adam Wise and Jaz Flow. The study of numbers and their influence on the world has helped shape who they are as individuals and led both of them to think about things on a higher level. And it’s from that way of thinking that the album “From The 3” was born.

This is the second project that the two solo artists have worked on together, and according to Wise this is an album that best represents who they are and the kind of impact they’re hoping to leave on the world.

“We’ve basically created our own world,” Wise said. “Anybody who thinks differently or expresses themselves different or who wants to create something original and be different is doing it ‘From the 3.’ It’s like a higher power. It’s something that others can’t be a part of. So if you say, ‘I’m from the 3,’ then you want to be represented as someone who thinks on that level.”

“The number 3 is a very significant number and carries a lot of power,” Jaz Flow added. “We think from the 3, speak from the 3, and our mission is to open minds up and not be confined, and ultimately bring everyone to the 3. It’s all about a mindset and a belief.”

The 10-song album was released June 6 and showcases a musical sound that the two artists say puts a “spin” on other familiar sounds, such as those of Outkast or Drake or Kendrick Lamar. They sample sounds using an auto-tune feature, all while delivering elaborate hooks and melodies that will “feed your mind while being dressed up in all the stuff that people want to hear,” Jaz said. “Kind of like a sneak attack.”

The two first met a few years back after already having about a decade of professional music experience under their belts. Adam had spent some time in California and had just moved back to Louisiana to do some recording. The first engineer he worked with in the studio was charging high rates, he said, and so he went exploring and ran into Jaz, who was engineering at another studio nearby.

“I asked him if he’d record a song for me, and he did it for less money,” Wise said. “He liked the song and wanted to get on the song, and it ends up being hot for everybody. So we thought we should make a project together, which really got hot and one of the singles got a lot of radio play. We also had videos on BET Jams and MTV Jams. After that it just felt like we were supposed to be doing that. I love working with him.”

“The timing was perfect because we were both trying to change something about our careers at the time,” Jaz said. “We were both at a point where something had to change and we needed to make major moves.”

After riding that wave of success and introducing themselves to a larger, broader audience, the two friends are hoping that “From the 3” will be the project that launches them onto a national scene. The first single from the album, “Rumors,” has already started grabbing the attention of fans and has been played on more than 30 radio stations across the country. It’s a single that Wise said showcases their music in a way that transcends any rumors. The music video for the single features the pair in a “Men In Black” scenario, where the two of them are killing aliens.

At the end of the day, Wise said the album is about inspiring others to express themselves however they want – to create their own worlds and break down the conditioning that has happened throughout most of their lives.

“You can join in The 3, or you can create your own,” Wise said. “You could be in The 4 or The 10. It’s just all about your belief system and getting to a higher power.”

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