Fresh UK artist catches attention of big names after only three months of pursuing music!

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There aren’t too many people like Milli in the United Kingdom and that’s especially true when you consider that she’s a UK girl making hip-hop tracks with an EDM / Pop feel.

To hear her tell it, there’s not really anyone in the market out there right now like her. And her resume – after only three months of making music professionally – speaks to that uniqueness in that she’s already been pursued by different DJs wanting to play her songs, received offers of 2 publishing deals, gained radio spins and is growing her own following across social media and live streaming platforms.

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The first release is a single called Never Give Up, the lyrics of which match the song name perfectly, and speak to others about staying strong through tough times. The single has already started a buzz both in the UK and across the pond in the U.S. “Most of my songs I write from personal experience – I feel like that’s the best way to get emotion out – That’s what this song touches on.” “When I was going through real struggles – when I was very unwell – I would lay in bed for weeks at a time and just sit and write lyrics on a phone,” she said. “There was no beat or melody – just words in the notes section of my phone and I am now able to put those words to a song and hopefully inspire / help others going through tough times”.

At the end of the day she said she hopes she’s made a song that fans would love to hear at a club or even just lying on a beach somewhere, a song that motivates people, and helps individuals going through tough times. Her own dreams swirl around those ideal locales, and are born from years of hardship that involve various illnesses, financial struggle and adapting to being a young parent. But she has persevered through all of those medical maladies and today is a happy mother to a 7-year- old son. And when she’s not working, studying or being a Mom, she’s dedicated to finding and creating the most unique, high-quality music she can.

She said that journey of combining her heartfelt lyrics and quality beats are what make her so excited to release songs. Fans who want to sample some of her music can check out her Spotify profile, or swing over to her SoundCloud or YouTube channels. Milli partakes in daily live streaming via the app called where she already has over 11 thousand followers. is a fun, free downloadable app available on both android and Apple devices. Fans can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram for more information about upcoming music releases, general day to day posts, hilarious memes and music content. Links below.

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Available for streaming / downloading on Spotify at: MILLIE (NEVER GIVE UP)(Also available on most other music services such as iTunes, Tidal etc).

Website: clickable links to all other platforms such as Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube and Instagram available at top of homepage).

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