Commander & Chief offers cash giveaways in conjunction with the release of ‘Going Crazy’

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LOUISVILLE, KY – Fans of Commander & Chief – a hip-hop duo out of Louisville, Kentucky – are going to be ecstatic about their new mixtape, “Going Crazy,” especially when they see the cash giveaways going on in conjunction with the release.

Fans can follow the duo on the fan-page and find out more about the music and origin of the new music sensation that’s sweeping the nation. On the page, for instance, fans can learn how the music started for these brothers at a very young age.

When Jermaine Gill was a young boy, one of his fondest memories is watching the “Jackson 5” movie almost every day. He loved music, and that movie inspired him to become a performer and entertainer. By age 8 he was already writing his own music. Eventually he would go on to adopt the stage name Emmanuel Obamas – a combination of his middle name, which means “God With Us,” and the name of the first black U.S. President, which for him represents change. Growing up in a single parent household with many siblings and having a mother dealing with substance abuse, Obamas looked to the Jackson 5 for inspiration.

His younger brother, Renaldo Gill, also coming from the same situation, looked to his older brother Obamas for inspiration. He grew up watching his brother write and make music. Much as his older brother loved “Jackson 5,” Renaldo loved to watch music videos. He began to marvel at the way people could create emotion simply by using words. He wanted to learn how to rap like his big brother, and after a lot of hard work he eventually created his own lane in music and adopted the stage name Dread Head Gillie – born, of course, from the dread locks he’s become known for and the combination of his last name, Gill. It’s a name that he said also nods to the style of music that he brings to the hip-hop game.

Today, these two brothers from Louisville, Kentucky are combining efforts and creating bold new music under the name Commander & Chief. In 2015, they released their first mixtape together, and the hit single “I Got a Plug” went on to become well-received in the hip-hop community. Recently they’ve been busy performing at KOD’s in Florida, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, and Birthday Bash in Atlanta, Georgia. Following up that success, the duo has released a new single called “Going Crazy,” which is the title track off the mixtape of the same name. To date it has been downloaded by more than 300 DJs worldwide and is reaching listeners in the United Kingdom, Canada, and more with massive radio play across the U.S.

“It’s more of a hype song and a club banger,” Obamas said of the single. “It’s more of a party song with a lot of energy. Our sound is different. It’s new age hip-hop. Our wordplay, delivery and sound is different from what the industry already has. We have the charisma, the looks, the swag, the delivery, the wordplay and the story behind that music. That’s what makes us different.”

Both brothers say they’re proud to represent their home town. They’re adding onto their success by building their fan base daily as well as getting more involved with the people of Louisville. They’re also looking forward to doing charitable work in the city as their success grows.

“Issues in society are definitely things we talk about in our songs,” Obamas said. “What started with me writing about my struggles growing up turned into an easy way to express myself through writing music. As I started rapping, he followed behind me and I saw that he was really good. I was already pushing my music and decided we needed to come together. So we joined forces and became Commander and Chief. Just like I felt like it was history in the making when Obama got into office, I also feel like we’re going to make history as Commander & Chief of the music industry. We speak for the people. We seek for change. We’re presidential.”

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