Detroit Based Hip-Hop Artist Sir Pay Pay to Release Upcoming Mixtape to Inspire Independent Artists

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Detroit native and hip-hop artist Sir Pay Pay has always been in love with music, ever since he could remember. As a child, he discovered his passions through singing, as he would perform in talent shows when he was in school. Sir Pay Pay adopted a change of pace when he decided to start rapping, which later blossomed into an actual career.

When asked about the reasoning behind pursuing rap, the artist acknowledges the self-fulfillment he receives from it. “It puts me in my own space,” said Sir Pay Pay. “It’s an opportunity to be my own boss.” Though he always dabbled into rap, he made the decision to solely focus on this genre of music. In 2009, Sir Pay Pay buckled down, and made the commitment to start making the best music possible. From this year forward, he steadily grew and perfected his craft as a recording artist.

One thing that is important to the artist is the business aspect of his career, which, of course, is something he takes extremely serious. For Sir Pay Pay, music is 90% concerned with business, followed by 10% for talent. Through all of his business ventures, Sir Pay Pay has remained diligent in working hard, but also working smart.

After releasing his first single titled “I Don’t Believe You”, he found his friends and fans wanting more from him. He swiftly put out more music, including singles “I Ain’t Trippin’”, “Tell a Friend” and “Hitmaker”. After dropping these hit tracks, he knew he picked the right career for himself.

Up next for Sir Pay Pay is the upcoming release of his mixtape “The Holy Bible: Street’s Testimony Vol 1”, which is sure to be another hit much like the rest of his repertoire. “The Bible is an abbreviation for instruction before leaving earth,” said the artist. “I believe in my project as the truth. It’s what he and others had to go through, and someone is going to get something out of it.” This holds truth, as fans will definitely enjoy the overall message and vibe of the project.

Looking to the future, Sir Pay Pay is excited for what’s to come. “I can’t predict the future, but I’ll be CEO of my own label one day, as I give opportunities to other independent artists like myself.” He urges his fans and listeners from all over to prepare themselves for what is sure to be one of the best mixtapes in a long time.

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