St. Louis Based Hip-Hop Artist DWill Just Released Hit Single “Drip”

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ST. LOUIS, MO – DWill is a hip-hop artist who has set out to spread his own flair in the music scene. Inspired by hip-hop genius Kanye West’s album “College Dropout”, DWill decided to utilize his passion for music and create something out of it. Growing up, the artist enjoyed listening to all genres of music, and began to develop his own harmonies and lyrics. Clinging to his favorite artist, like Michael Jackson, served as deeper inspiration, and helped mold him into an artist at a young age. When asked when he decided to completely buckle down in his career, DWill refers back to being 20 years old and making the decision to always keep music a part of who he is.

What is so endearing about the artist is how transparent he is, both on and off the stage. DWill recalls how his career got off to somewhat of a rocky start, as he was vigorously searching to find his true sound that was unique to him. However, he remained persistent in perfecting his craft, and developed his artistry over time. “Everything that I do is written by me,” said DWill. “I don’t feel right speaking from another person’s view.” This has proven to set the artist apart from the rest, as he consistently stays true to himself and never mimics anyone else, which is rare to find these days.

Though DWill mainly sticks to hip-hop music, he doesn’t believe in limiting himself. To that, the artist enjoys writing music for all genres, including pop music. The 24 year old has loads of unreleased music in his catalogue, and is looking forward to sharing them with the world in the near future.

DWill is currently working on his first major project, “Soul of the Underground”, which will showcase his effortless talent as a hip-hop artist. “People can expect a lot of soul,” said DWill. “There will be an EDM song on there, there will be a trap song on there. You will not be bored by listening to this mixtape.” With the mixtape including a song for any audience to enjoy, who would ever get bored?!

As of recent, DWill dropped his latest single titled “Drip”. Within 24 hours of being released, the track has already raked in positive reviews. “It’s basically about just doing you, and worrying about yourself,” said the artist. “It’s about stunting. It’s a turn up song, just like most of my songs!”

The future is bright for DWill, as he has major plans for himself and his fans in the works. His versatility is undeniable, much like his positive, incomparable work ethic. Make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming release of “Soul of the Underground”- it’s sure to take the music scene by storm!

Follow DWill on his social media platforms below:

Soundcloud: dwwill
Twitter: @DWilll9

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