Charlotte Native and Hip-Hop Artist Kae to Release Upcoming Self-Titled Mixtape

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LOS ANGELES, CA – For hip-hop artist Kae, music has always come to him naturally. At the young age of 8 years old, the artist first discovered his deep-rooted passion for music. Growing up, Kae was constantly surrounded by music and lyrics, as his father heavily influenced him. It’s safe to say music ran through his blood. During his middle school years, Kae made the decision to join his school’s band, which furthered his passion even more. Through this, Kae learned how to compose music from the start, in addition to the in’s and out’s of how music comes together. When Kae turned 13 years old, he buckled down and committed to pursuing a future musical career.

A diverse artist of Kae’s caliber isn’t always easy to come by, as the artist composes all of his songs in addition to engineering all of his studio sessions. When asked what his overall musical style is, Kae is quick to address all of the different genres he has mastered. “My sound is not confined to just one genre,” said the hip-hop artist. “It all depends on the mood I am in that day. I try to make my music something that people can relate to.” If one thing is certain, it’s that his close friends and fans enjoy his “upbeat, positive vibe” musical style.

The Charlotte-based artist has released several projects over the past few years, which have all debuted on Spinrilla, Soundcloud and other digital streaming platforms. As of recent, Kae has been tirelessly working on his self-titled project. Though the mixtape doesn’t have a firm release date, Kae is hopeful in releasing it during September. Kae is looking forward to releasing this project to the world, as it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser with so much diversity and range. His hit single “Straight Up” is a prime example of the unique versatility that Kae encompasses.

Day to day, Kae continues to collaborate with other local artists, as both parties are constantly learning from one another. “It’s all falling into place,” said Kae. “I’m committed to putting more footwork in.” Though Kae keeps a busy schedule, he manages to make his projects an ultimate experience, through all of the visuals he has planned. “People just respond better to visuals,” said the artist.

What can we expect from Kae? The artist puts it best himself: “Be on the lookout. I have over 200 songs that I haven’t even released yet. So… stay tuned!”

Listen to “Straight Up” below.

Kae’s self-titled mixtape will definitely be a banger, so be sure to follow him on social media.

Soundcloud: whoiskae
Twitter: @whoiskae
Instagram: @whoiskae

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