Young new rapper releases first major project with ‘Purple Hearted Lion’

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CHINO HILLS, CA – The lion is the king of the jungle. It represents strength and power, and when you’re growing up on the streets, that’s a reputation that you always want to present. For Daijon Davis, who grew up on the inner city streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, never showing an ounce of weakness was a survival mechanism throughout his childhood. But for a young man who had a passion for poetry and music, there was a vast world of different emotions and feelings that he wanted to be able to share with other people.

It’s for that reason that he titled his debut mixtape “Purple Hearted Lion.” It’s a nod to those emotions that he has always carried with him, and which now he feels like he can share with the world as the rapper DC the Don.

“I’ve compared that name to a lion because I’m a Leo,” he said, “but also because my mom said my name Daijon means ‘Divine Child.’ And I took Don from the movie ‘Godfather,’ which I used to watch a lot with my father. When I moved to California to be with my dad and to pursue a music career, I took that name and I haven’t looked back since.”

DC said “Purple Hearted Lion” shows off his versatility as an artist, with sounds varying from Caribbean and tropical to rock to old-school 80s. He raps and sings and even throws some trap beats in there. His very first single, “Everything 1k,” has already gained great support from his fan-base and received a ton of plays on his Soundcloud page.

“It’s literally just a party song,” he said. “It’s crazy because out of all of my songs, that one has the least amount of thought put into it. I was hanging out with my brother, who’s a rapper and goes by Savvy D, at his recording studio in Milwaukee. He and his friends were all messing around and recording and making music and they pulled up a beat and let me hop on it. I made a verse in like 10 minutes and recorded it and everybody said it was so good that I should make it for myself. At first it was going to be collaborative, and I just wanted to have fun with a song. But they all saw it was going to be too good, and said I should finish it on my own. Eventually I did and put it on YouTube and it got some great reaction. Then I got a feature with Lonzo Ball on another song and after that things just blew up and I got recognition for my music and I realize I could make something out of this.”

The first single from the “Purple Hearted Lion” which is called “New Wave” is also starting to gain some major attention and he said he hopes it will continue to put his name on people’s lips and show people that he has not limit or ceiling when it comes to making music. He also hopes that his music affects people the same ways that it does him.

“I feel like what makes music such a great thing for people is that it can always remind you of an event or something you’ve gone through,” DC said. “It can even be something that makes you smile or just have fun. Most of my music is fun. I want to bring a song that when you listen to it two years down the road, you’ll remember exactly how you felt the first time you heard it. I feel like music should be something that’s an experience.”

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