Duo behind The Lion’s Den (TLD) leave the past behind them while on road to redemption

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ANTIOCH, CA – “No Turning Back” is more than just a title name for the new single from the California duo known as The Lion’s Den. It’s also a daily choice for the two men who make up the group and who have left behind lives of addiction and violence.

Nova Miller and Dan Wallace have been working together to make music for more than 10 years, but prior to that they were living lives of crime and violence that was tearing them apart. Both were presented with the opportunity to take Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and upon doing so they made the choice to walk away from their destructive lives and to never turn back. It’s that idea that they’ve captured with their new single, which is slated to be released on Aug. 27.

“The song is kind of like a conceptual song,” Miller said. “We’re not really preaching, we’re just telling our testimonies. When I got saved, for instance, the next day the crew I was running with wanted to rob a bank and wanted me to rob the bank with them. I said no, and they robbed the bank without me. The next day they were in prison and ended up in jail for four years. I was one decision away from losing everything. Since then I’ve become married, had a son and became an ordained minister, as well as got a good job. I was one choice away from losing everything, and that was the turning point in my life. When we say ‘No Turning Back,’ we mean we’re not turning back to that lifestyle.”

“What I’m not turning back to is the story of being an alcoholic and someone who was enslaved to drug and alcohol abuse,” Wallace said. “On a deeper level, I was running away from what God had set for me. My father was a very hard worker and was in the military for a long time, so we moved around a lot. I lived in some of the rougher parts of the Bay Area. Eventually he tried to move us to a better life, but there was something about the lifestyle he moved us to that I just did not want to commit to. On an even deeper level, I was running toward those things because I couldn’t accept those things my father was giving to me. Even today I go through temptations of wanting to go back to those things, but I catch myself from those temptations. And this album is another declaration that Christ is way too important and way too real to ever go back to my prior life, which he saved me from.”

The name of their group, The Lion’s Den (TLD), is a reference to their walk in faith. They say that it shows how they believe God to be the author and finisher of their faith, and that no matter what comes their way they will stand on faith to finish all things.

Both artists have been involved with Gospel music for many years. Both were involved with the indie Christian label known as Walk by Faith Records. They’ve also had the opportunity to open for Dove award-winning Flame, and to perform with Grammy award-winning Jamie Jones from All 4 One. They’ve opened for artists such as T-Bone, Beckah Shae, Jacki Velasquez, Heavenly Place, Seven, Bizzle and Lincoln Brewster.

Their single, “No Turning Back,” will be available on all digital download platforms on Aug. 27.

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