Catch My Game Bosses Blesses Fans with Release of Single “Blessed”

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Veterans in the music industry, AW and Sleep of CMG Bosses, are taking the scene by storm with their latest single “Blessed”. The rap/label duo has been connected for quite some time, after deciding to join forces years back. Ever since making this decision, the pair has been committed to making a lasting musical footprint in the industry. When asked how they initially started out in their respective careers, producer AW (pronounced aye-dub) recalls how much of the work was behind the scenes. “At first, we did a lot of behind the scenes work,” said AW. “But right now, we have been focused on us and the label itself- Catch My Game Entertainment.”

In addition to heading up Catch My Game Entertainment, the pair also keeps busy with the group CMG Bosses, which is also known as Catch My Game Bosses. Within the label, AW is the CEO and Sleep is the General Manager, which makes logistics entirely efficient when it comes to putting out other artists. With so many talents at hand, CMG Bosses knew they had the potential and power to put out a project that would be a true reflection of their work ethic and hustle. Their latest single, “Blessed”, is a true embodiment of this. 

The Maryland-based entrepreneurs find joy in bringing their own talents to life. “After being a part of the underground scene for so long, we decided to take things further,” said AW. “The ups and downs of what comes with this game… the good and the bad… you learn what you learn. You take the good with the bad, and just keep on pushing.” Through the single “Blessed”, they put their own spin on it as they motivate their listeners and fans to do just the same. A truly influential and empowering duo, both AW and Sleep utilize their raw, infectious talent for the greater good of humanity. 

The single “Blessed” belongs to their upcoming project “MI2: Military Issue 2”. Before they release the highly anticipated album, they are intricately releasing hand-selected singles off their latest work. Artist Sleep puts it best when he refers to the “many rounds in the tank”, hinting that even more hit music is on the way to grace the ears of listeners. “I would call the single a combination of different things. It’s a combination of things that people go through, but at the end of the day, they’re still blessed,” said rapper Sleep. “You keep it moving and keep it pushing. It’s important.” Within seconds of listening to the track, you’ll definitely feel inspired to do just this. It’s always refreshing for artists to utilize their platforms for the betterment of their fans, which is partly what makes the duo so successful. 

What is so special about the duo is their amount of widespread fandom across the globe. Though they are DMV-centric, their music reaches a plethora of markets in the south in addition to the coastlines. As they plan to release upcoming projects, both AW and Sleep continue to spiral their music forward and touch the lives of those who listen. Looking to the future, they are putting music before everything, so we can expect to hear a lot more from this talented, versatile duo. 

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