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LOS ANGELES, CA – Pittsburgh based rapper King Art may very well be exactly that: king of his own art form. The artist has been heavily involved with music since he can remember, as it played a constant role in his youth. When asked about the motivation behind starting a career in the music industry, King Art reflects back to the time where he would dabble into rap with his friends. What started out as a hobby soon developed into something more serious, as King Art eventually bought equipment in order to make his own music. It was through an immeasurable amount of hard work and dedication that King Art got to where he is today.

Further navigating the world of hip-hop music, King Art formed a performance group with his close friends called Marco Gang. Through the group, King Art was able to perfect his craft both individually and collectively. The story of how Marco Gang started is an integral part of King Art’s career, as it was with his fellow musicians that he got his start. “We had all been friends the entire time,” said King Art. “My friend hit me up one day about starting a group, and then we did. The rest is history.” King Art began expanding his discography through creating various singles here and there. Through this, he definitively realized he picked the right career for himself. 

Still an active member of Marco Gang, King Art is optimistic about the group’s next project. “We are steady working on our next major project. It’s just a matter of putting it out at the right time,” said the rapper. As if he wasn’t busy enough, King Art is gearing up for his major single titled “Lemonade”. An artist dedicated to spreading positivity through his own lyrics, King Art’s desire is to deliver an anthem that will make people feel good. “I’m all about good vibes in my music,” said the artist. “I like music that is just fun.” That is exactly what fans can expect from King Art’s next mixtape, “Gwap Tape”, as he is currently making the finishing touches on the project. 

An artist’s overall energy and performance quality can either make or break them, and in King Art’s case, it defines who he is. His stage presence is incomparable to most, as he is committed to “raging” with any crowd. “I like to make music you can dance to. I combine my lyrics with a certain vibe that showcases its catchiness. Everyone can really vibe to my music,” said King Art.

Fans can expect a “Gwap Tape” release in the next month or two. Much like his previous records, the mixtape will motivate listeners to think and feel for themselves. “I want to encourage my fans to be unapologetically themselves,” said King Art. “I truly believe in free thinking, and further encourage it in my songs.” One thing is certain: King Art continues to make a lasting imprint on this industry.

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