Pharaoh Brings The Heat With Single, “New Wave Alert”

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North Carolina based hip-hop artist Pharaoh gives “new wave” a whole new meaning when it comes to his artistry. The rapper has been an avid fan of music ever since he was nine years old. After hanging around his cousins, he was drawn to the art of freestyle rap, and hasn’t abandoned it since. You see, music is not just a mere hobby for Pharaoh- it is a lifestyle equipped with insurmountable passion. Over the years, Pharaoh consistently furthered his musical abilities, as he was committed to developing himself as an artist. At such a young age, the artist demonstrated an inspiring level of dedication that he carried into his adult life.

By the age of 20, Pharaoh released his first mixtape titled “Plugged In”, which, ironically, was a true reflection of his career. “As I started out, I was always trying to develop myself,” said the artist. “I started putting out my own songs, and never stopped.” This rings true, as Pharaoh continued to release different projects as his career progressed.

On the topic of the “new wave”, Pharaoh is bringing the heat with his latest single, “New Wave Alert”. When asked about the inspiration behind the project, the rapper puts it simply. “‘New Wave Alert’ is what the title says. It’s a new vibe I’ve been on as an artist,” said Pharaoh. This change of direction of his musical career has symbolized a rebirth for the artist, in which he’s thankful for the constant growth.

Pharaoh does not believe in complacency. To that, if he wasn’t already busy enough, he is prepping for the release of his upcoming mixtape with DJ Holiday titled “Hieroglyphs 2”. The artist has almost finished mixing the project, and is looking forward to sharing it with his fans. We can expect a release in the next two weeks, available on all major streaming platforms such as Datpiff, iTunes and Spotify.

With so many different artists in the music industry, Pharaoh sets himself apart from the rest. “My work ethic makes me different from other artists. It’s what separates me from others in general,” said Pharaoh. “I’m always willing to go the extra mile.” The artist’s overall sound and vibe are incomparable to most, as the genuine, organic quality and raw realness he demonstrates are enough to draw the masses in. Not to mention, his stage name alone explains his overall presence in the industry best. “I felt like a king. I’m a king of the rap game,” said the rapper. “Pharaoh is king in Egypt… I’m that equivalent in hip-hop.”

The sky is truly the limit for this artist, as he is a definite force to be reckoned with. He aspires to deliver his fans a Grammy-award winning album in the future, as he describes how he is “headed to the top”. His musical journey is an inspiration to other artists, as he climbs his way up the musical ladder. Pharaoh has a message for his listeners: “Stay on the lookout for “Hieroglyphs 2″. There’s so much more music to come.” Consider us tuned in.

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