RFD Pioneer’s new single a shoe-in for title track on new Larry Hoover movie

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ATLANTA, GA – RFD Pioneer has always had a passion for music. It’s something he inherited from his mother, who used to be a choir director in the church and who pushed her son to be one of the lead singers in the choir. But like many other aspects of his life, he faced tough criticism from others about his singing and so he backed off of music and instead pursued football.

But you can’t take the passion for entertaining out of a person who is born to entertain. And if there’s nothing else true about RFD Pioneer, it’s that he’s a pure entertainer through and through. His teammates on the football field soon discovered this because every time they had a break and circled up around the water cooler, he would start to rap and entertain his friends.

“I also used to smoke Newports when I was younger, and it gave me a raspy voice,” he said. “So I already had this signature sound and everybody on the team would give me encouragement to keep going. That’s really how I got my start.”

Today he’s embraced his natural talent to become one of Atlanta’s fastest-rising young new musicians. And his most recent single, “2.15.19,” is gaining so much attention that it’s on the cusp of becoming the title track for a new move being put together by Little Larry Hoover and OG Bird. He said it’s not just a song or a record, but an anthem.

“It’s a song about going through the struggle with the brothers,” he said. “It’s about giving Mr. Larry Hoover the proper representation. It’s about honor and appreciation. I dedicate it to OG Bird and Little Hoover – I appreciate them for showing me true vision and believing in my vision.”

“This song is kind of upbeat, like Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble.’ And it has a straightforward appeal to it. It was born from my own past – when I was 15 I was kicked out of the house and it wasn’t for somebody coming to my aid and showing me something better, I never would have made it. They taught me how to stick to my school work and what it takes to grow up, as well as a better way to live. Those are all things that I want to be a part of for other people. I want my music to uplift people and to be a source of motivation. My music is all about the get-up and the required come-ups. I’m not a wave follower. I value people who have their own mindset and I’m all about people who dare to be different.”

Just as his singing and rapping became legendary while at school, RFD Pioneer hopes his music will become widely known not only in Atlanta but throughout the rest of the country and eventually all over the world. And along the way he wants listeners of his music to find hope, a source of motivation and the message to never let the here and now determine who you are.

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