Los Angeles Rapper Bleeds Blue on New Single for LA Dodgers

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bleed blue

LOS ANGELES, CA- Los Angeles represents more than just a city of residence for rapper Batchelor. The city is home to a sports team that holds a special place in the rapper’s life. That team is the Los Angeles Dodgers, which is the sole inspiration behind Batchelor’s latest single, “Bleed Blue”. The artist is using his gift of creative lyricism as the team follows the path to this year’s World Series. This journey can be compared to Batchelor’s, as his musical career has been a long time coming. 

Since his senior year, the artist has been pursuing rap music, as it started out as a hobby. Batchelor explains it best himself, as his musical journey has been an interesting one. “I never seriously pursued a career until the last couple of years,” said the rapper. “I have really invested in myself, and haven’t stopped keeping at it. Ever since Tupac released “All Eyez on Me”, I’ve spent time sitting down dissecting the album.” The talented rapper looks to embody industry icons, like Master P, and won’t stop grinding due to a lack of limitations. With so many artists to look to for inspiration, the rapper truly appreciates and respects the art of true hustle. In fact, this alone has kept him going all these years in order to achieve his dreams. 

Currently, the rapper is optimistic of what is to come for his favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Batchelor has brought the heat on his newest single, “Bleed Blue”, which collectively showcases his love for the Dodgers and rap music. “I’ve been a Dodgers fan since I was four years old. This is the closest we’ve come in terms of getting to a World Series, so I’ve brought my love for music and this team together in order to chase my dream. That’s where I’m at right now,” said Batchelor. “Bleed Blue” includes two features from fellow LA-based artists, Glasses Malone and Mr. Criminal, who are just as passionate about bleeding blue. This sort of collaboration is an aspect of Batchelor’s career that he values, as it only makes a better artist- and, in this case, Dodgers fan- in the end. 

Up next, Batchelor plans to release an original album. The artist’s lyrical abilities stand out among the masses, and his dedication to his city is unwavering. “At this point, I want to make it a yearly thing for bleeding blue. I’m trying to paint a vivid, musical picture of bleeding blue in order to capture any audience’s attention,” said Batchelor. 

As the season progresses, Batchelor is confident this single will stand as an anthem that can lead on past 2017. “We’re all for it,” said the rapper. “We put the video out, and we’re very happy we were able to get it done. It’s kind of like a dream, and hopefully, the dream gets fulfilled.” Whether or not the Dodgers’ dream of winning the World Series is fulfilled, one thing is certain: Batchelor’s dreams of becoming a chart-topping artist seem closer to reality than ever. 

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