2 Good Lo brings substance back to hip-hop with new sound, style

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Raphael is a low-key guy. It shows in his lifestyle. It shows in his relationships. And most of all it shows in his music.

So when he chose to pursue music full-time a few years ago, choosing the name 2 Good Lo was a no-brainer – not only because it represented his demeanor and character, but also because it was the perfect descriptor for his music. His music is just too good.

Fans can get a taste of his unique sound and style on a new mixtape called “The Good Life: Season Two,” which is set to be released in January. The debut single from the project, “Waves,” has already been released and is starting to get some good attention from fans all along the East Coast. Featuring fellow DMV Superstar and female vocalist Rico Nasty, the song is about hooking up with a woman that 2 Good Lo has noticed in the club.

“I’m looking at her and liking her waves and she’s sending me waves,” he said. “The only way I’m going over there to talk to her is because she’s sending me those waves. Putting Rico Nasty on the track was just a good pairing and it’s something that is going to catapult me to another level.”

2 Good Lo described the song as a little bit of everything stylistically within the hip-hop genre. There are strong vocals on the chorus, rapping from both himself and Rico Nasty, a banging beat “that’s dope,” and a club feel with fast rapping. He said the sound is indicative of the direction he’s going with his music. And though the mixtape has technically been complete since June, he’s been waiting for the precise time to release it so as to show fans his new trajectory.

“I’m trying to be more creative and more artistic with the work,” he said. “That’s what sets me apart from all the other new rappers. I’m kind of shifting gears to bringing a little more creativity back to music. I feel like so much of what people are bringing today is just grunts and groans and no substance. I’m trying to bring words back to the music. I have verses that actually talk about something – whether it’s my story or someone else’s. I’ve moved slowly on purpose up to this point, but now I’m at a time where I’m ready to get this music out to the masses and let them judge it. Every project I drop gets better and better, and if that keeps going then who knows where it will take me. At the end of the day I want to be known as someone who’s a good guy who you want to see succeed.”

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