Soul2Soul Music Vibe Artist of The Month: DMV Rapper Sir LLoyd

jess July 18, 2014 0

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As the music industry embarks on a new era of emcees, rapper Sir LLoyd is destined to leave his own imprint in the game. Sir LLoyd is a charismatic MC born in California, but who currently resides in the DMV area. His intense energy and undeniable flair capture his listeners. 

He breathes life into tracks with a clever delivery and an equally clever mind-state. Sir LLoyd is a versatile artist who weaves together a variety of sounds. He seamlessly blends his Hip Hop compositions with party lyrics as well as reflective and thought-provoking content. 

Sir LLoyd served in the navy and he has traveled all over the world. His unique selling proposition is that he actually lived the life he raps about. He has definitely beaten the odds and he has prevailed. He is no stranger to life’s hard lessons, which has taught him to be triumphant when obstacles are placed in your path.

Sir LLoyd adds class, intellect and style to his genre, challenging labels and execs to re-evaluate their marketing tactics of commercializing and diluting Hip-hop. His latest single is entitled is called “Ball Out” and it is receiving acclaim and accolades from DJ’s across the country. “Ball Out” is pure fire! It is a club banging anthem that pulsates with energy. It’s head bopping Hip Hop at its finest.-



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